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mal-ika asked: Yay a blog for is Paki people!(:


barrierstocross asked: how do we submit photos? probably a ridiculously dumb question.

Anonymous asked: I'm only 1/4 pakistani may i still submit?


Anonymous asked: half of the people you reblog are arab or indian lol. yet your disclaimer claims otherwise

LOL & ladies and gentlemen, here’s your first uninformed and ignorant person who has no idea what Pakistanis look like and that they are fall under the category of the above. Thank goodness for my blog! Anon you’re TRIPPIN so hard right now. I know for a fact that ALL of those people are Pakistani. Clearly you’re jealous, aw :( Lemme know which one you are having crazy envious thoughts of and are accusing to be NOT Pakistani and I’ll give you some proof. Idiot. :)